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Related article: Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2008 15:14:12 +0000 (GMT) From: penny cox Subject: Adult Swimming ClassesWhen I left school, I still couldn't swim, so my mother decided I should attend Adult Swimming Classes. When I arrived for the first lesson, I was amazed at the ages. It was almost all men, and middled aged onwards, me being the youngest. I was very nervous and the instructor suggested we pair up and hold hands. I took the hand of a chubby middle-aged man and gave it a squeeze. He smiled at me and said hello. As we listened to the instructor telling us about the course, it was explained that the pairings would be permanent. My new friend squeezed my hand and pulled me to him, slipping his arm around my waist under the water, where no-one could see. "You don't mind that, do you?" he asked. My nervousness was easing with his arm around me, and I found myself easing my arm around his waist and whispering "No not at all".We were told to start learning our leg movements with one person holding onto the edge, while the other lifted and supported by using both hands under the Dark Lolita Toons tummy. "You go first" he said and let me grip the rail, before slipping his hands down under the water and touching my tummy. It felt nice as he slowly lifted me to the horizontal position. The instructor went along the line grabing hold of ankles and demonstrating the breast stroke leg action, then shouted for us to have a go.As I began to do the leg movements, my new friend said how well I was doing, and pretended to let go of me."Oh please don't let go" I pleaded nervously. "Only joking" he whispered, and I felt both his hands begin to support me again, but this time slightly differently. As he held me, one of his hands cupped me fully over the bulge in my trunks, then slid quickly up onto my tummy. "Sorry about that" he whispered very softly. I didn't mind, I hadn't been touched there, since I was at school, when I let other boys play with me under the desk or in the showers. I loved it and liked seeing them in and out of their underpants, and touching them as well.I suddenly realised that I missed all that tenderness. I smiled at him and mouthed "That's ok, no-one can see ". He smiled back, and I felt his hand sliding back down onto the front of my trunks, where he squeezed me gently and just left his hand there.It felt so nice and naughty, just like being back in school. Someones hand on my cock, buy no-one able to see it.All too soon we were told to change over, OOhhh dare I?He held onto the rail and I slipped my hands under his middle, and lifted. As his bottom came to the surface, I saw that he was wearing brief but baggy swimming shorts that didn't seem to have an inner lining, as the legs were rising up and exposing a little bottom cheek. As he began the leg kicks, I eased my hand slowly downwards until I felt the waistband. The drawstring that would usually be tied to prevent then falling down, was undone and hanging down in the water. Because I was supporting him and pushing upwards, my fingertips accidentally slipped under the waistband. I stopped my hand and waited, praising him on his leg strokes, and waiting for a sign. "Thankyou" he mouthed silently "That feels nice" I wasn't sure if that was the signal to continue, but I pushed my hand slightly further inside his shorts to find out. He didn't object, so I pushed it in still futher untill all of my hand was inside, then OOOhhhhhh what's that. I felt something, then again. Inside the baggy shorts, his cock had plenty of room to waft around, and was brushing against my hand. As it brushed against me again, I quickly made my hand into a cup and held it to his body.Oh, I squeezed and fondled it. I hadn't done anything like this for 2 years or more, but it felt as good as I remembered. Again the instructor said to change over. "What a shme" my new friend said as I pulled my hand from his shorts. I nodded and smiled. Just before I gripped the rail, I quickly reached down to my tight little trunks, and undid the double hook fasteners at the front, then holding onto the rail, I waited for his hands.There they were, and I was being lifted to the surface with one hand, but then OOOhhh the second slid into my trunks and took hold of my cock.. Oh it felt so lovely. In seconds he was playing with me and my cock was stiffening. Soon the lesson was over and as my feet touched the bottom, he was carressing my bottom cheeks. We were asked to stand one behind the other, to listen to next weeks lesson. He pushed himself up behind me pressed his cock to my bottom. It was stiff. I fastened my trunks and in seconds we were getting out of the water. We all collected our baskets of clothes and headed for the changing rooms, but instead of using cubicle with the others, he whispered for me to follow him. I did, and we ended up in a family cubicle at the far end, out of sight. After he had pulled the blue modesty curtain fully across, he turned and pulled his shorts down to his ankles and stepped out of them. What a gorgeous sight, my first naked man. He stepped over to me and, after I had undone them, he pulled my trunks down to the floor, and kneeling in front of me, began to kiss my cock.More kisses, then OOhh he put his lips around it. I had only heard about this, but now I was feeling it. After a few seconds he got up, sat on the little seat and patted his knee. As I sat on it, he put his arm around me, pulled me to him and kissed me on the lips. My arms went around his neck. More kisses. I reached down for his cock and began to wank him, as he did the same to me. Between kisses, we'd look down, Oh what a lovely sight. Soon after I felt his tongue in my mouth, I started to cum. We looked down, and then he stared to cum. Lovely white cum splattering on the wet floor. Everyone had gone by the time we came out Dark Lolita Toons of the cubicle. Roll on the next lesson, I thought
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